When are menstruation after birth?

When are menstruation after birth?

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When is the period after birth?

The female body is preparing for a possible pregnancy in a natural way every month. Women are routinely scheduled at regular intervals for approximately 35 to 40 years. period is happening.

In this time period, the woman, on average, per month 70 hours regular menstruation He spends.

This routine development is changing only in two periods of women's life. The first is pregnancy and the second is breastfeeding.

The reason for the absence of menstruation during these periods is the pituitary gland. Because of this diaperbrain and ovaries is suppressed by menstrual development.

What is menstruation?

Menstruation in normal periods Do you know how it is performed?

Here's the answer: On the inner surface of the uterus, a layer is formed that will allow the fertilized egg to come and stick and feed into it every month.

If there is no fertilization, this wall is poured out, leaving its place to the new tissue from below. Then the uterus is thrown out of the body. This process is repeated every month in the same way menstrual cycle - menstrual order is called; menstrual blood to this tissue, which has lost its function and has been replaced by the newly formed structure, mentoring bleeding is called.

How long does it last?

Menstrual bleeding process, menstrual bleeding and discharge Discharging out of the body is quite a complicated process. The process, which is signaled by a compound hormone group and controlled by the brain, usually takes place every month, except pregnancy.

Women are menstruating before the formation of a new egg. There are four stages to this process. One menstrual cycle is 28 days on average, but it varies according to people.

Menstrual cycle 25 to 35 days is considered normal. The menstrual cycle can be of various lengths. Between the period of ovulation and the days when menstrual bleeding occurs, it can be between 11 and 16 days, although it is about 14 days.

Postpartum Menstruation

After pregnancy, puerperium during the period of routine menstrual bleeding again, after a long rest and radical hormone change is experienced.

Hormones are not re-activated in a very short time.

How do menstruation occur in women who are not breastfeeding?

If the mother does not breast-feed after pregnancy, at least 2 weeks after menstruation starting.

Is the first period irregular after birth?

The first menstruation after pregnancy is usually irregular.

The first ovulation after an average of 6 weeks after giving birth,8 - 14 days after the first menstrual period period begins.

Is Postmenstrual Period Regular?

Menstrual postpartum The scheme, however, returns to normal during the 2nd or 3rd period.

20 to 30 percent of women do not ovulate before the first menstrual bleeding. In some women, the second menstrual period can be very short.

But it's not right to worry about it. Because in the third period, this situation can be completely improved. The menstrual period after cesarean delivery is not different from normal birth.

Gebelik Pregnancy test should be performed first in women who have not had menstruation for 1 year despite the end of breastfeeding. then in progesterone menstruation should be provided by giving a certain period. However, if he does not see, the investigation is deepened. ”

Does Breastfeeding Delay Menstruation After Birth?

Women who breastfeed their babies are delayed longer than menstruation. The reason for this is that as the baby suckles the mother, the nipples are affected and the level of prolactin hormone that makes milk production increases.

This prevents the secretion of hormones that provide follicle growth. If the baby is breastfed regularly, the risk of pregnancy is not high because the follicles are pulled to rest during breastfeeding.

That is, if the baby is breastfed regularly for about 10 minutes 5 times a day, ovulation is suppressed and menstrual bleeding is delayed.

Scientists, prolactin they think that they are being sprinkled while breastfeeding and therefore the menstruation is delayed.

Of course, this is not a reason to stop breastfeeding…

How do you think about it? What were your first menstrual symptoms after birth? Do you have any questions about the amount, pain and intensity of menstruation after birth?

We remind you that you should consult with your doctor before you see the changes and changes you feel in your body and wish you a healthy and happy day!


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