What are the products that will help toilet training?

What are the products that will help toilet training?

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Baby Toilet Training Products

Toilet training is an important process for children and parents and can sometimes be challenging. In this process, if we know the points to be aware of and act accordingly, we will follow a successful path.

The first step is to decide the right time. First of all, you should not be hasty to start toilet training; Because whatever you want, if your child is not ready for it, you will be shoveling. To be prepared for baby toilet training is very important. It should not be ignored that this may vary for each child. Otherwise, this training may fail.

The best time for toilet training is 24-48 months.

You need to be a good observer in this age range. With the messages your child gives you, you can tell whether this period has come. For example;

  • If your baby is starting to feel uncomfortable with the diaper,
  • If he shows his diapers after you've flushed him,
  • If he can distinguish between pee and poop,
  • If he can express himself in simple sentences,
  • If the diaper remains dry for more than 2 hours, it is time to give this training.

Toilet Training How to do?

  • It is an important step for the child to introduce the toilet, a place he never knows.

Some children may be afraid of the toilet or wonder what other people in the house are doing there. First of all, it will be useful to eliminate this curiosity and talk to her, remember.

  • Some parents may choose to sit the child directly in the toilet; however, in the beginning, the use of training pants and potty is a more common practice method.

The training pant and potty are very useful both in terms of their use and in helping to get used to the toilet.

  • Using toilet training products for babies will make this process much easier! You can even go along to buy these products and help her choose what she wants.
He will use the pot of his choice more enthusiastically. You will then need to demonstrate how it is used. Getting used to babies in the toilet can actually be that easy.

You can discover products that make it easy to add toilet habits through this link: //www.e- / baby-toilet-training-products-c4211 /

  • In the early days, the potty with the outfit, then sitting down by taking off the clothes can be expected to make the toilet without forcing the child. Especially the first half hour after meals is important. In this process, you can remind your child to sit in the potty for 5-10 minutes. Sitting in a potty for a while will give him information on how to use it.
  • Especially the first half hour after meals is important. In this process, you can remind your child to sit in the potty for 5-10 minutes. Sitting in a potty for a while will give him information on how to use it.
  • To dress clothes that can be easily removed, children toilet training make it easier. It is more comfortable during the day and is not forced to remove the toilet when it arrives.

In addition to the easy-to-wear clothes, training pants will support you in this period!

Baby Training Panties

One of the products that will facilitate the passage of the diaper during toilet training, especially in order to prevent minor inevitable accidents, is the exercise panties. According to your baby's body, you can choose a product that you can use comfortably and with high absorbency.

Click here to see the training pants: //www.e- / baby-exercise-kulodu-c4523 /

  • It is also useful to put the pot in an area where it can be used comfortably. You can also decide on this area together.

For example, if it is in his room or in a place where the house spends more time, it will take less time to get used to it; however, it should always be placed next to the toilet in the bathroom.

  • If you want to get used to the toilet, not the potty, you can put a stepping step or stool under your feet. So he will sit more comfortably and make his toilet more accurately.
  • In addition to toilet training, you should also teach your child the cleaning rules.

Be sure to show him how to wipe it after you're done. Also, tell him to flush and wash his hands. Remind and follow each toilet post if necessary. You may need to put the riser under the sink for easy access.

Cleaning and scenting soaps that can attract attention can be made fun. Your child will gain this habit over time.

From time to time this process can tire you and make you think of giving up and tying a diaper; but you shouldn't. This will cause your child to be confused, to choose the easiest and to extend the education period. You must be patient that you will succeed.

Toilet Training Considerations

Toilet training is a sensitive and important topic, which can be learned from psychiatrists:

  • Getting used to the toilet can be a compelling process from time to time. You will often have to talk to your child and go to the toilet with him many times. So when you're sure it's time for both the child and yourself, the first thing you should be aware of calm and patient Learning to be.
Oh, look out! In toilet training, behaviors such as irritability and punishment affect the process negatively; your child may notice this situation and give up the toilet.
  • Never use technology to adjust to the toilet. If you give him a tablet or phone to sit in his hand, you'll draw his attention to the toy in his hand, not the actual job.
Technology not education! In this period, we want the child to focus on the toilet, to let him know that the toilet is over and to learn about this process. The technological tool in his hand will adversely affect this process.
  • Some mothers find toilet training sufficient only during the day, while some mothers stop wearing diapers both during the day and at night. At night you will have to take control of this situation.
For example, you should stop giving your child a few hours in advance of bedtime. Under the sheets you can put cloths to prevent liquid permeability. You may also need to wake up your child at regular intervals and take them to the toilet.
  • The potty should be in a place where the child can feel comfortable so that when the toilet comes, he can take it off and sit down.

Potty are the products that make mothers' job easier in toilet training. You can choose the potty with colorful, audible, cartoon cataracts or you can choose the ones that are similar to the direct adult toilet.

You can see many different options in the potty, how about starting the options here? Baby potty: //www.e- / baby-seat-c4212 /

  • You should also inform the people around your child about this process. The caregiver or other individuals in the home, if any, should also support this process.
  • It is wrong to ask the child if you have a toilet and you can overwhelm the child. Instead, it is much more positive to go to the toilet or potty periodically and ask, i Let's see if your toilet is here..
  • Above all, don't make it the focal point of your life, let it flow naturally. Follow and warn; however, avoid exaggerated behavior that can put stress on you and your child. Remember that when the time comes, everything will settle, your child will learn everything.
  • Toilet training may be difficult if certain differences have occurred in your life.

For example, if someone is staying in your home, you may not be able to focus on the toilet outside the home, for example, if you are on holiday or your brother is born.

If you do not feel ready or there is no suitable environment, you may postpone toilet training for a while.

Patience in Toilet Training

When you start to give toilet training, you cannot predict how long you will last. Some children may take two weeks to complete, while others may take months.

Toilet training is such a process; you can go back to the beginning while you think that the education is going very well. That is why love and patience will be the most important point.

  • Reward it!

It is very important to reinforce the correct behavior by praising it in every step it takes. The best compliments in this regard are well done. No exaggerated words or gifts are needed.

  • Don't punish!

Of course there will be mistakes. Sometimes he can pee, or he may not be able to tell you that he has to go. In such cases, we must refrain from punishment or condemnation and make repeated reminders patiently.

For example, you're trying to keep up with the work, and when you're going out of the house, you've noticed that your child is doing it. If the child discovers that you are angry, he or she may withdraw and the toilet training process may be adversely affected. In your inner world, your child might think that my mother will be angry with me every time I go wrong.

On the contrary, he should know that you will help him in any situation.

Against possible accidents, spring toilet training are the best times for. 

It is less difficult for the child to walk around in panties or to clean the bottom than on cold days. If your child is peeing, you can offer him to clean together. You can go to the toilet over and over and remind us that we need to do it here.

Children toilet training, it is not difficult as long as you know your child. How to do toilet training If we give a summary answer to the question; toilet training should be done by observing, patiently and following your baby well.

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