6 Things That Change in Your Life After Becoming a Mother!

6 Things That Change in Your Life After Becoming a Mother!

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From the day you learned that you were pregnant, you devoted all your energy to giving birth to a healthy baby and made some changes to your way of life.

You have been fed more healthily, you have avoided packaged products, you have taken care not to lift heavy and make sudden movements while doing low-temp sports. But things that change after becoming a mother will be much more rooted than the gestation period. Are you ready for this change?

Many Things Will Not Be the Same with Baby

Whatever the issue, knowing what to expect in the process will make things easier. Yeah, after you've got a little baby, of course things won't be the same.

Your happiness will increase a thousand times, your love and affection Overcoming the limits you will define the concept of infinity. Other than that, some innovations your lifestyle and habits It will affect.

Let's see what 6 things change in your life after becoming a mother.

Your View of Life Expands

Before you have a baby, no matter how tired you are between home and work life, you could take time to have fun and wander. Yes, fatigue was routine, but nothing would happen to you.

But things change from the moment you are responsible for every detail of how a tiny vulnerable creature enters your life and takes care of it.

The world where you can do nothing and challenge you is now a place full of dangers. Hundreds of possible details for you accident scenario starts to become.

Pointed corners, opening doors, shelves televizyon every detail is a great danger. When you go for a ride with your baby in windy weather, you take into account the possibility of falling tile or wall air conditioning engine on the roof of the building you are passing by while you walk through the corner where you decide that the pavement is the safest as a result of your calculations.

Being more detailed allows you to become aware of not only the bad aspects of life but also the beautiful ones. You now learn to look at life through the eyes of a child. There is no limit to the new information you learn with it every day. When you walk, you don't even notice the ant snail or ladybug you won't overlook it anymore.

In fact, you'll have every detail about these little ones that your mini is walking around and wants to take home and feed. Daisies are no longer just a flower, they measure love, dandelion is a artık blossom için for you and they are all blown with care.

Your Order at Home

Women love order in home life and at work. They do everything they need to keep their routines intact.

The house is usually as organized as the day when the dowry was first laid. You wouldn't be able to find crumb in the kitchen, hair strand in the bathroom, a dirty glass in the sink. Even if it is past midnight, you cannot sleep without correcting the cushions or folding the blanket under which you watch TV.

But after becoming a mother Among the things that change, the layout of your house ranks first. In the early days, diapers, wet wipes, creams, milking machines, pacifiers and similar products cover the entire house, and will eventually be replaced by endless toys that can never be fully collected.

At first you will not tolerate your new order and clutter, but will try to maintain the previous order. But there's no need to force it when you don't see it.

The forgotten toy on the floor is not worth stressing, being unhappy for the dirty dish not put in the machine. Remember that your family needs love before order. Dishes can wait in the morning, toys can stay on the floor all night. Nothing you, it is not more valuable than your baby and your partner.

Your character

You are one of the things that changes in your life with the baby! It will take some time for you to understand this, but one day you will notice.

How Does? When you see blood, you faint, you will not panic when your minus falls and knees the knee or blood is removed. To support your development, you will read dozens of books, do research and have close knowledge of a pedagogue.

After becoming a mother, your maturation process will reach the highest level in your life. Despite crying for hours, you will calm him without getting angry, shaking your arms for hours. When you ask millions of questions one after another, you'll give rational answers to all of them without getting tired of it.

That you're not so angry at the events you used to be angry with. improve your ability to empathize you will notice. In the end, you will see that with motherhood you are now more powerful, knowledgeable, patient, compassionate and rational.

Your Exterior

One of the things that changes in your life after becoming a mother is that you will not miss anyone's eyes.

While your view of life and your changes in your character can only be observed by your relatives, the change in your appearance will be overt.

Hair does not even go to the market without blow dryer; now you go to work with hair collected from the top. Sometimes, let alone make-up, you are lucky if you had the opportunity to wash your face.

There is an important relationship between the individual's external appearance and psychology. Here the outer appearance is not meant to be fit; is to be well maintained and clean. Even if you wake up in the morning, even if you're at home, comb your hair beautifully and shape it, believe yourself if you wear comfortable and stylish clothes More energetic and happy You'll feel.

This happiness and trust will be reflected not only on you but also on your spouse and other members of your family who see you well-groomed.

Social Activities

Diving, climbing, hiking, traveling, concerts, cinema, theater san No matter how social you are in the past, you will experience radical changes in this area after becoming a mother.

Yes, you will again participate in sports and art events; however, it will be more like taking children to ballet and swimming.

For example, cinema and theater are still a must; The category of course has been children's game and animation. In this hustle and bustle, of course you will also meet your friends; probably only on child birthdays and shows!

Don't be worried about the innovations in your social life. You will be happy to see that your child is having fun and learning in every activity you do with your child. You will discover new things and you will grow up with it again.

Your private life is no longer private

If you say, “What does it mean I don't have a private life anymore?

For example, you can never go to the toilet alone; because every time you enter the toilet, there will be someone screaming behind the door and the lock will open.

You will often find yourself in the lounge chair while your mini-bed sleeps star-shaped in the middle of your bed. For this reason, you will not have a private area and every corner of the house will be open to the public.

Children are the most valuable assets in the world. So much so that parents make every sacrifice necessary for their care without hesitation.

It is usual that these sacrifices bring some differences. Things that change after becoming a mother no matter what happens, the only thing that doesn't change is your everlasting and everlasting love for your offspring.

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