How much time do you have for having a baby?

How much time do you have for having a baby?

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Opr noted that the normal reproductive process for the woman began slowly after seeing her first menstruation. Dr. Çataklı, said: "The age of first menstruation in Turkey, 12 - 13, is around. The ideal age for conception in the early 20s. In this age, the monthly pregnancy rate is around 25 percent. For this reason, we recommend breeding between 20 and 35 years. After 35, we see a decrease in female fertility. After the age of 40 this decrease is accelerating. Although it varies from person to person, the fertility rate after about 44 is around 1 percent. In short, the woman has a reproductive age, but unfortunately this is not so long. For these reasons, my proposal to couples may be as follows; Have fun, save money, you can postpone to have status. But giving birth to children is an important decision that cannot be postponed. Have your reproductive health tests done. Konu
How can the chance for late pregnancy be increased?How can we age by keeping reproduction? How can we have children at an advanced age? questions have been asked more frequently in recent years. The only way to do this right now is to freeze eggs and sperm, Opr. Dr. Çataklı continued his words as follows: yumurta Egg freezing is allowed in many countries upon request. In Turkey, cancer patients, men who have to undergo surgery on their genitals and reproductive cells of women with ice cream given permission laws. The desire to preserve reproduction in late-age marriages, which is still not permitted by law, but can become a serious social problem afterwards, has also become seriously debatable. I believe that in the not too distant period in Turkey and regulations will change our centers will begin to provide these services. Because mother and father candidates are planning their lives, perhaps they will not want to have children in the very early period. As the percentage of pregnancy decreases with age, they may be able to request to freeze their eggs as they depend on the aging of the egg. This also means that; 'At some point, let me stop my biological clock, whenever I want to have children.' Because if the egg can be preserved, women can come to the point where they can give birth at the age of 50 because the uterus does not age. The only important point here is to stop the aging of the egg; the only way to achieve this is by freezing the egg. ”
Reproduction check-up needs to be settledSpecifically in industrialized countries, Opr says that the child is planned and made. Dr. Çataklı continued his words as follows: check The concept of check-up in reproduction needs to develop and settle. If we get married, there is no such thing as a must. So if you are planning the timing of this, you have to prevent the bad surprises that will happen to you. ”
Which tests should be performed?Op. Dr. Catakli, showing the ovarian depot in women, in men is very simple tests that determine the status of sperm, he said. Opr explained that with the development of technology in the recent period, they have access to real information in the most accurate form. Dr. Çataklı, 'Anti müllerian' (AMH) called the hormone in the ovary revealing the capacity of the eggs, he said. Op. Dr. Çataklı said that one of the most important features of this test is that it can be performed at any time during the menstrual cycle.
Op. Dr. Çataklı explained that the sperm test in men gives information about the male's reproductive capacity, such as the AMH test in women.


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