Spotting during pregnancy

Spotting during pregnancy

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That bleeding in pregnancy always creates fear.
we know.

During this period, especially fear of miscarriage is the nightmare of expectant mothers. In our article titled ama Bleeding in Pregnancy ik we talked about the types and stages of bleeding: // www. / Pregnancy-bleeding-causes /

In this article, we will talk about what is known as “spotting”, “brown discharge” or “brown bleeding”.

If you are 3-4 weeks pregnant and have occasional spotting, this video will answer you:


First of all, it should be stated that; acute bleeding is more dangerous than spotting.

When spotting occurs, you should consult a doctor for the cause.

So why is spotting during pregnancy and is it dangerous?

Spotting can have many causes depending on the stage and status of pregnancy. In general, in the case of placental placement, staining, ie brown discharge, may occur.

There is little danger of placenta placement.

Another situation where bleeding is in the form of spotting occurs when the baby grows and makes room for himself. Although this is seen as a normal condition, it occurs in the first stage of pregnancy.


We know that bleeding during the early stages of pregnancy is not often a threat. In particular, we can say that the bleeding in the form of staining is not a danger.

However, as we have always said, you should consult your doctor about possible causes of bleeding and learn about these causes.

What we need to know most about this is the acute form of bleeding and the more red if it is brown, the less if it is brown.

If bleeding is going from acute to staining, this is indicative of decreased bleeding. In other words, staining indicates that the bleeding level is low and often not dangerous.

When we consider the risk of miscarriage, we should say that red acute bleeding is a higher risk than brown staining. However, you do not forget to consult your doctor to find out the reason for staining.

Healthy and happy days.


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