Genital hygiene and care

Genital hygiene and care

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Ensuring genital hygiene is the most important step in the protection of women's health and reproductive health. In women, the genital area is exposed to microbial factors due to sexual intercourse and the close proximity of the genital organs to the large intestine. In addition, buffers used in menstrual period, chemical substances in underwear and products used for cleaning can cause irritation and pave the way for infection in the genital area.

The most important feature of the vagina of female genital organs is that it has self-defending mechanisms against harmful bacteria. These bacteria, called lactobacilli, reproduce in the acid environment of the vagina and prevent the growth of infectious bacteria. In some cases, however, lactobacilli decrease as a result of deterioration in the acid environment of the vagina and as a result infections may occur. Cases that disrupt the acid environment of vagina;
• The introduction of non-vaginal chemicals (eg alkaline soaps, liquid cleaners, shower gels)
• Reduction of estrogen production
• Long-term use of strong antiseptic substances

The anatomical structure of the female genital organs also prevents harmful substances such as bacteria from entering the vagina. Because the lid on the outside of the vagina prevents the passage from the urethra to the bladder.

Infections caused by bacteria and fungi in the external genitalia are common in women. This can be repetitive, especially in cases where genital cleansing is not considered.

Warnings and precautions related to external genital area cleaning and maintenance;

• Cleansers that are suitable for genital area cleaning and provide acid environment of the vagina should be used, genital area cleaning should not be done with body soaps.
• Cleaning after toilet should be done from front to back.
• The genital skin area should be kept dry.
• Make sure that the toilet paper used is colorless and without perfume.
• Excessive washing of the genital skin area may result in a reduction of protective bacteria, which is necessary to avoid.
• Disposable toilet paper should be used in toilets.
• It is dangerous to splash dirty water in the toilets into the genital area. Therefore, it should be used from toilet bowl tablets containing disinfecting agents.

• Frequent underwear should be changed and ironed after washing.
• Make sure the underwear is cotton.
• In the network used for the epilating of the external genital area, the materials such as razor blade should be clean. Bacterial infections may occur when cleaning materials are not taken into consideration. Some people may have eczema due to irritation from the skin structure and swelling caused by ingrown hair. Repeated hair stinging may cause discoloration and these spots may persist. In such cases, epilators designed for genital area should be used or laser epilation should be preferred. Irritations after epilation are most common after waxing. People with allergic skin structure should not prefer this type of epilation.
• It is not recommended to use cologne, perfumes, deodorants, antiseptic lotions for cleaning the external genitalia. Because these substances disrupt the integrity of the skin and cause easy irritation. Special cleaning products which do not spoil the acid environment should be used for cleaning this area.
• The best way to avoid sexually transmitted diseases is to use a condom. However, sometimes allergic reactions to the latex substance in the structure of the condom can occur. In this case, redness of the skin of the genital area, itching, wounds may occur, these complaints rarely occur in other parts of the body.
• Conditions to be considered during menstruation;
- Used pads should be changed frequently
- Perfume-free and odorless pads should be preferred
- Avoid wearing tight and tight clothing
- Bathing in the form of standing shower should be preferred
- Sometimes itching, redness and swelling may occur on the skin against the pads used. In this case, different brands of pads should be tried.
• One of the most common infections of the genital area is fungal skin findings. Frequent underwear change, vaginal discharge, humid environment, sweating, being overweight, using synthetic underwear, wearing tight and tight clothes, working constantly sitting, prepares the ground for the development of diabetes fungal infection. In these cases, a dermatologist should be consulted.


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