Pregnant? Let our site talk you through it!

Pregnant? Let our site talk you through it!

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From the people who brought you the "My baby is the size of a…" fruit and vegetable comparisons, addictive weekly emails and an award-winning app, comes My Pregnancy – a skill for Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service, and the newest way for expectant parents to get the best information. Powered by BabyCenter, the #1 pregnancy and parenting digital destination, My Pregnancy brings medically reviewed information and real-world tips together to create a unique journey through the most important months of your life.

Alexa, ask My Pregnancy...

Get started on your pregnancy journey.

Count down to your due date.

Hear detailed, week-by-week updates on your baby’s development and your changing body.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is the My Pregnancy skill for Amazon Alexa?

It's a voice-activated tool (or Alexa "skill") that tells you about your pregnancy. Every time you use My Pregnancy, you’ll get a card in your Alexa app that shows you the info you just heard and a stunning 3-D fetal development image, plus links to more resources.

How do I start My Pregnancy?

There are two ways to launch My Pregnancy. You can:

  • Go to the Skills section of your Alexa app, find My Pregnancy, and click "Enable Skill." Then tell Alexa, "Start My Pregnancy.”
  • Or simply say, “Alexa, enable the My Pregnancy skill."

You'll be prompted to state your due date, and you're off! (If you don’t know your due date, calculate it here.)

Need more help with Alexa? Try here.

What else can I do with My Pregnancy?

Once you’ve started My Pregnancy, you can set your due date or change it, and move around the skill to hear updates for earlier or later pregnancy weeks. To do that, launch My Pregnancy and say "Alexa" and the number of the week you’d like to hear. For example, "Alexa, 21 weeks" will take you to the info for 21 weeks, provided you’re already in the skill.

How do I access the skill?

You can access the My Pregnancy skill on any device that supports Amazon Alexa. Those devices include the Amazon Echo, Amazon Tap, Echo Dot, and Amazon Fire TV. The skill itself is free. To buy a device, head over to Amazon.

Where does our site get its information?

BabyCenter’s health information is written by health editors and reviewed by our medical advisory board.

I’ve got feedback. Where can I send it?

We want to hear from you! Sends your comments to our site here.

My Pregnancy is for information purposes only and is not a substitute for regular appointments with your healthcare provider. And congratulations!


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