Suggestions for a happy and comfortable holiday with your baby

Suggestions for a happy and comfortable holiday with your baby

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If you are going on holiday with your baby, consider these recommendations!

• Have any material (stroller, wet wipes, bottom opening cushion, diaper, plastic or disposable apron, spoon, plastic plate, cup, book, new toys, etc.) with you to make your life easier for your baby and yourself.

• Try to be as close to your child's daily schedule as possible so that your child can adapt more easily to the holiday.

• Make sure that your baby receives enough fluid to feed.

• Set a calendar for your baby's vaccination and follow-up status by informing your doctor about your destination and time before going on holiday.

• Take appropriate clothes, considering the weather of your destination.

• With the advice of your doctor you always use drugs such as antipyretic syrup, suppositories, nasal drops, thermometer, band-aid, diaper rash cream, tooth gel if it comes out, antiseptic gels and creams, antibacterial gels, hand cleaners used without water, nail clippers, nail file , sunscreen and mosquito repellent creams and tablets with you.

• Babies under one year do not like change. Try to prepare the food yourself.

• Pay attention to your drinking water and check if it is suitable for your baby.

• Do not keep your baby's food waiting, do not feed waiting food.

• Milk and dairy products; Pay particular attention to ice cream.

• If you are going to travel for a long time, have your medication with you.

• Hang toys on the car seat and have materials that may distract them.

• Take frequent breaks.

• Breastfeed your baby frequently to make the journey more comfortable.

• Attach sun visors to your windows to protect them from the sun during the journey.

• Try to keep your car fresh. Do not expose to direct cold air when using the air conditioner.

• If you are traveling by airplane, ensure that your baby drinks enough water to prevent it from being adversely affected by pressure, give him something to chew at the take-off and landing of the plane or breast-feed, if possible.

• Pay more attention to safety and hygiene as the risk of food poisoning is high in hot weather.

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