4 ways being pregnant with a boy is different than a girl

4 ways being pregnant with a boy is different than a girl

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After being pregnant with four girls, I considered myself an expert. But I've recently been humbled to learn that carrying a baby boy is different in some ways. While the pregnancy aches and pains are largely similar, there are some distinct ways expecting a baby of the opposite gender is making me feel like a new mom all over again.

I'm way more hungry.

I'm not talking an extra few pita chips hungry. This is teenage boy, ravenous, scary, animalistic hunger. This is devour a sub sandwich and feel like it was an appetizer kind of hunger. It's a scarfing down more food than my 6-foot-4-inch husband hunger. That husband, by the way, agrees I'm eating way more than I did while I was pregnant with my daughters.

I'm way more exhausted.

During all my pregnancies, I felt that kind of tired where by day's end you literally can't climb a flight of stairs without whimpering. Somehow during this boy-pregnancy, my level of exhaustion has been amplified. I'm incapacitated by noon. And on the couch, not knowing how I'll rally to go pick my girls up at school kind of exhausted. Dinner rolls around and I can barely stand. My husband has carried me to bed on more than one occasion, well into my second trimester. Between my bottomless appetite, and crazy exhaustion, I feel as if this little guy is sucking the life out of me!

I never threw up.

While pregnant with all four of my girls, I puked early on. Not this time. I was nauseous, yes, but it never got to the point of throwing up. As my oldest daughter said, "There's still time!" True. Still, I can't help but note this is the only pregnancy that I haven't been stooped over the toilet for a decent portion of my first trimester.

This kid is way more active.

My son moves constantly. I mean, all day and all night. I love feeling my little boy inside my belly, but I'm also noticing how different the sensation is versus my daughters. Their movements were strong, yet sporadic. He is trying out to be an Olympic gymnast every hour on the hour in there!

Of course, there are plenty of things that aren't different about being pregnant with a boy. My back hurts just like it did the four other times. I'm crying over the dumbest stuff. Can anyone tell me why commercials are so brutal when you're dealing with pregnancy hormones, whether you're carrying a boy or a girl? But most importantly, like every other time, I can't wait to meet my baby.

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