How do you announce you're pregnant when you're single?

How do you announce you're pregnant when you're single?

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My belly teeters on the edge of looking less full of beer and more full of baby. The time has come when I need to officially announce that I'm pregnant or risk people thinking I've been eating late night pizza or too lazy to jazzercise.

Many hold off on making an announcement during the first trimester cause of the higher risk of miscarriage. Once the second trimester hits, it's time to email a digital announcement, send an old-school postcard, or update your Facebook status. I even received a Christmas card once that was a picture of my cousin's ultrasound: Santa brought us our gift early!

When you are married, those announcement approaches work great. When you are single, it's a bit more complicated. You never think people will judge your life choices. In a world where gays fight for the right to marry, clearly, our society places importance on traditional things like matrimony. Heck, even same-sex partners can tie the knot in several states now. So when a straight girl with a boyfriend chooses to start a family, a lot of people respond with: Congratulations!! When's the wedding?

To be clear, I have no interest in sending out a baby announcement that doubles as a save the date card. Don't get me wrong. There's nothing wrong with being married or shotgun weddings. I simply chose to stay single.

My mother wants me married. Whenever I see her these days, the first thing out of her mouth is: Let me see that finger!! I hold myself back from showing her my middle finger, which technically has a ring on it. Definitely not the finger she wants to see.

I'm here to stand up for the single moms of the world and say: It's okay to be single and pregnant! Sure. It's hard to raise a child single-handedly. It takes a village. That village doesn't have to be a husband. Consider a family where parents "stay together for the sake of the kids" yet argue everyday and show their perpetual unhappiness. What's better?

Statistically speaking nearly 45% of American children are raised by single parents. That's close to a majority. Celebrities like Sandra Bullock, Charlize Theron and Minnie Driver have all joined the single mama ranks. But statistics and celebrities don't make it any easier for a single girl to say: I'm pregnant!

As I consider how I let my friends and family know, I put together a few possible pregnancy announcements below. Of course, they may find out by reading this blog. No need for that Facebook profile pic of my baby in utero. Bullet dodged! Then again, I may not be prepared for all their reactionary bullets.

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