Comfortable nursing bras

Comfortable nursing bras

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  • Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra

    What it is: Your body will be changing as you nurse, and so should your bra. The Body Silk Seamless Bra is designed with soft-as-silk stretchy fabric that molds to your evolving body. This comfortable and supportive bra has a wide band that won't dig into your sides and features removable foam cups that can hide breast pads. To nurse, unclip the cups at the shoulders.

    What to watch out for: The removable foam cups can get bent and twisted, making them stick out awkwardly.

    How much: $49

  • Belabumbum Bamboo Sleep Bra

    What it is: You may not be getting much sleep, but when you do get some shut-eye, this bamboo sleep bra is incredibly soft and the comfy racer-back design makes it the ultimate nursing bra to wear to bed. Offering light support and easy pull-aside access for nursing, this bra naturally wicks away moisture.

    What to watch out for: This bra is ideal for bed, but women who need full-time support might want to pass on this one.

    How much: $10

  • Hotmilk Luminous Nursing Bra

    What it is: A nursing bra that is comfortably supportive and beautiful? The Luminous bra has flirty lace trim and delicate satin bow details, but it doesn't sacrifice on fit or comfort. This bra provides wonderful support without an underwire and uses six rows of hook and eyes for extra support.

    What to watch out for: The metal hooks on the strap can hit some moms in the wrong area and dig in.

    How much: $60

  • Melinda G Easy Fit Fab Curvy T-shirt Soft Cup Nursing Bra

    What it is: A soft cup bra with all the support of an underwire without the wire. The Easy Fit Fab’s extra wide band along with the back hook and eyes provide support for even well-endowed moms. The convenient one-handed clip on the cups makes it easy to use and offers quick nursing access.

    What to watch out for: Some moms say that finding the right size can be tricky.

    How much: $47

  • Bella Materna Anytime Bralet

    What it is: No fussy clips on the straps to deal with, just pull aside the Anytime Bralet's cup with one hand to nurse – anytime. This wireless bra has extra settings at the back so you can wear it from maternity through nursing. Some women say it's also an ideal bra for sleeping in.

    What to watch out for: Some moms say that while this is a wonderful bra for hanging out around the house, if you go out you may seek one with more support.

    How much: $58

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