Celeb-inspired maternity fashion by trimester

Celeb-inspired maternity fashion by trimester

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  • Maternity wear has come a long way since the days of matronly muumuus and oversized Ts. Thanks to belly-beautiful basics like chic wrap dresses and stretchy maternity jeans, it's easy to bump up your pregnancy style. Take a fashion cue from these famous moms-to-be working their star-powered maternity looks!

  • First trimester: Layer it on

    Not ready to share the happy news just yet? Loose layers will help hide any telltale tummy. Beyonce's baby bump is kept well concealed beneath a simple cami, denim button-up, and structured biker jacket.

  • First trimester: Go boho

    Model mom Camila Alves looks boho chic and comfy in a floaty, peasant top paired with stretchy, skinny jeans. Her adorable kids Levi and Vida are the perfect accessories.

  • First trimester: Undercover mother

    A structured peplum top like the one Kim Kardashian is rocking is a great way to keep your belly under wraps until you're ready to spill the beans!

  • Second trimester: Belted bump

    Now that you've shared the news with friends and family, it's time to show off your growing bump! Kristin Cavallari perfectly accentuates her new pregnancy curves with a well-placed skinny belt.

  • Second trimester: It's a wrap

    A stylish wrap dress like the one Selma Blair is sporting is a must-have maternity piece. Comfortable and chic, it will grow with you throughout your pregnancy –and beyond.

  • Second trimester: Dress it up

    So long, morning sickness! You've got that gorgeous glow – now's the time to really show it off. Jenna Dewan-Tatum looks like an A-lister in a flirty, floral dress with a structured jacket and leather boots.

  • Second trimester: Accentuate the positive

    Don't feel like putting your bump on display? Model mom-to-be Miranda Kerr keeps hers undercover while playing up her gorgeous gams in a breezy maternity mini and black booties. A short, tailored leather jacket gives the dress some structure.

  • Third trimester: The magic of a maxi

    It's no surprise that maxi dresses are a favorite among expectant celebs like Tori Spelling. An effortless and cool maternity workhorse, the maxi will take you through pregnancy and into motherhood. Throw a jean jacket or cropped cardigan over the top to complete the look during cooler months.

  • Third trimester: Get a leg up

    Maternity skinny jeans with plenty of stretch are a great alternative to leggings. Pair them with a cozy cardigan and ballet flats to get Jessica Alba's laid-back look.

  • Third trimester: Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize

    If you're starting to dread the sight of your well-worn maternity wardrobe, get creative with some fun accessories. Hilary Duff gives her basic white T and black pants a boost with a pretty, printed scarf, bump-grazing necklaces, and a bright blazer.

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