5 creative holiday wrapping ideas

5 creative holiday wrapping ideas

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  • The Candy Shop

    Here's a fun holiday wrapping idea we love even more because it's pink!

    Pink wrapping paper or butcher paper

    Red and white striped ribbon

    Holly berry stickers or die-cut shapes

    Glitter (optional)

    Wrap the gift in the pink paper, then add the striped ribbon and tie it in a bow. Top it with the holly berry stickers. Add glitter to the stickers if you like. If they come with glitter, even better!

  • Santa's Belt

    Shiny red wrapping paper

    Black ribbon (1/2- to 1-inch thick)

    Square glittery gold card stock with the center cut out

    Wrap the gift in the red paper. Wrap the black ribbon around the gift one time and tape it on the bottom. Top with the glittery gold square with the center cut out. You can either use a die cut for this shape or you can use an Exacto knife to cut out the center.

  • Merry, Merry, Merry

    Pick a very holiday word – Merry, Joy, Hope, Frolic – and lavish it all over this elegant gift wrap. Festive and fun!

    Crisp white wrapping paper

    Thin fuzzy tinsel-looking string

    Glittery gold lettering (either a sticker or a die-cut shape)

    Wrap the present in white paper. Wrap with the thin tinsel string. Add the glittery words in a repeating pattern.

  • Sweet Treats

    Package up cookies, chocolates, or hot cocoa with mini marshmallows in an old-fashioned Mason jar. The candy cane colors of the baker's twine just screams sweet little bake shop.

    Large Mason jar

    Classic white doilies

    Red and white striped baker's twine

    Glittery pink paper Christmas tree

    Once all your treats are sealed in the jar, wrap a couple of white doilies with baker's twine. Slide in a glittery pink Christmas tree to finish it off.

  • Snowman Tag Wrap

    Use items found around your house to add a few fun holiday touches to a classic brown box for this simple and sweet wrapping idea.

    Natural kraft-paper box

    Red mesh plastic produce bag

    Red and white striped ribbon

    Classic label white tin tag

    Orange card stock or paper


    Black fine-point marker

    Wrap the red mesh bag around the box. Gather it on top with the striped ribbon. Tie the ribbon in a bow. Next, add the white tin tag. Cut a piece of the orange paper to look like a snowman's carrot nose. Using a fine-point marker, dot the tag to make eyes and a mouth.

    By Kami Bigler

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