Your 7 1/4-year-old: How to encourage activities

Your 7 1/4-year-old: How to encourage activities

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Your 7-year-old now

Eager to interest your child in an activity — whether it's piano lessons or reading — only to be met with indifference? All kids need motivating sometimes.

Your child is best motivated when she's self-motivated. Nudge her toward activities that she seems to have an inclination for already. For example, if she's more interested in dance than music, maybe this isn't the time to launch piano. (If you're set on music lessons, she may be able to do band or orchestra in middle school.)

Make the activity fun. Let your child have hot chocolate after ice skating practice, or stop for ice cream on game days. Reward your child for practicing by offering a privilege.

Check your own motivations. If you're set on a particular lesson or activity for your child, consider why it's so important to you. So your child will have a skill? She's still young for organized activities to be a must. Or is it because you once did that activity yourself?

Remember that your child is an individual with her own likes and abilities. Are you pressing her to do an activity to fill her afternoons? Idle downtime is actually a plus for second graders. Be sure to leave lots of blank spaces in her daily calendar for creative play.

Your life now

Be sure your child has a special space in the house for homework. A desk in her room is ideal, but it can also be a table in a corner of the living room or wherever there's space.

Many young kids do their homework right at the kitchen table when parents are nearby to help. That works well, too, but be sure your child also has a place to store papers and supplies.

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