Is it safe to use a heating pad for sore muscles during pregnancy?

Is it safe to use a heating pad for sore muscles during pregnancy?

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Using a heating pad during pregnancy to ease lower back pain, sore muscles, or aching joints won't harm your baby because moderate heat applied to just one area of your body won't raise your overall core body temperature.

Pregnant women are advised not to use hot tubs and saunas during early pregnancy (or to limit their use to 10 minutes or less at a temperature of 102 degrees F) because these can raise your core body temperature. And when your core body temperature rises, your risk for miscarriage and some birth defects may also increase. This risk is considered quite small and is only a concern if your core temperature goes up to the point that you have a fever.

There's no evidence that exposure to electromagnetic fields from computers, microwaves, cellphones, airport screening machines, and other electrical devices poses any danger to developing babies either.

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