Liz Donner, M.D.

Liz Donner, M.D.

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Dr. Liz Donner is a pediatric hospitalist and member of the our site Advisory Board. She received her undergraduate degree in Biology at the University of Minnesota followed by a medical degree in her home state of North Dakota. She made her way south to complete pediatric residency at the University of Florida, followed by fellowship in pediatric hospital medicine through Baylor in San Antonio, TX. From there, she was hired on as an assistant clinical professor within the division of hospital medicine in Orlando, FL.

Lastly, Dr. Donner is the founder and director of My Friend the Pediatrician, a social media-based educational platform dedicated to spreading factual healthcare information that parents and caregivers can trust. She has a passion for evidence-based medicine, high value care, and interprofessional education.

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