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Linda Murray

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Linda J. Murray is the Senior Vice President of Consumer Experience and Global Editor in Chief of BabyCenter, the #1 parenting and pregnancy digital resource, reaching more than 45 million parents globally each month. Linda also sits on the our site executive team and is responsible for developing and delivering on BabyCenter’s long- and short-term business strategy.

Linda and her teams around the world provide new and expectant parents with personalized, stage-specific app and web-based experiences. With its unique blend of trusted expert advice, parent-to-parent support, and digital tools, our site makes the journey of parenthood easier, healthier, and more fun.

Linda has addressed a variety of hot-button parenting topics on national television, such as spanking, manners, parenting styles, birth plans, baby names, and more. Her numerous appearances include 20/20, Today, The Early Show, Access Hollywood, Extra, Good Morning America, Dr. Phil, as well as various shows on CNN and MSNBC.

Additionally, Linda has represented the voice of mothers at national and international summits including a post–State of the Union education roundtable at the White House, Mom+Social, and the International Congress of Midwives.

Linda is a passionate advocate for maternal health issues. She serves on the board of directors for the Preeclampsia Foundation and is a member of the advisory council for the Heart Health for Moms study led by Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Linda is co-author of The our site Essential Guide to Pregnancy and Birth and The our site Essential Guide to Your Baby’s First Year. She is also the editor of two books, our site Pregnancy: From Preconception to Birth and our site Baby: The All Important First Year (DK Publishing, August 2010). In addition, her writing has appeared in Huffington Post, MediaPost, Redbook, Self, and Unbuttoned, an anthology of essays about breastfeeding.

Prior to joining BabyCenter, Linda held a variety of editorial positions at national women’s magazines, as well as a production role in public television.

Linda lives with her family in the Bay Area, where she enjoys horseback riding, archery, and hiking with her daughter and dogs.

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