What are allergic diseases in children?

What are allergic diseases in children?

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The beautiful days of spring are waiting for us. Everyone loves spring, sun and joy; but there is no need to pay attention. Symptoms of allergic diseases in the spring also manifests itself. Allergic diseases, allergic flu, skin rash, eye allergy and asthma are the most important diseases of spring. 7 - 13 April in Allergy Week Central Hospital Allergy and Chest Diseases Specialist Contact Mübeccel directlyemphasizes that early identification of your child's allergy problems will improve the quality of life and reduce absenteeism. The most common allergic diseases are as follows:• Allergic RhinitisAllergic rhinitis is the most common of all childhood allergies. This disease causes nasal itching, sneezing, runny nose and congestion. Allergic children may develop itchy, watery and red eyes and chronic ear problems. Commonly known as aman hay fever abilir can occur at any time of the year and does not cause a fire.• Allergic AsthmaOne of the most common allergic diseases in childhood is allergic asthma. 80% of allergic asthma is caused by house dust. The most prominent symptoms include recurrent cough, wheezing, shortness of breath and attacks. Children with allergic asthma have fragrance sensitivity and are affected by pungent perfumes. For this reason, they should stay away from sharp odors and even laundry should be washed with perfume-free detergent. Bingo's delicate and allergic products are specially produced for your sensitive loved ones. “Bingo perfume-free liquid detergent” can wash with. • Nasal congestionAllergy is the most important cause of chronic nasal congestion in children. Sometimes children breathe by mouth because their noses are blocked. This may cause them not to rest while sleeping and wake up tired the next day. If blockage and oral inhalation are left untreated, they may cause abnormal growth in teeth and facial bones. Early treatment of allergies that cause nasal obstruction prevents these problems.• Allergy and Ear InfectionsAllergies can cause inflammation in the ear, which can cause fluid accumulation in the ear, which can cause ear infections and hearing loss. If this develops during the child's learning to speak, the development of speech may be impaired. Allergies can cause ear fullness, ear pain and itching. If one of these symptoms occurs, examination and treatment should be considered.• Skin RashesAllergic symptoms such as eczema, skin rash, blistering and itching are common in infants. The biggest reason for this is that baby skin is very sensitive. Some infants have atopic features such as dry eczema. In this case, the skin should be moisturized very well. Because the skin of babies is extremely sensitive, the detergent used is also important. It is useful to use baby detergents produced specially for babies. Improper detergent usage increases symptoms such as itching and redness. Special to sensitive and allergic bodies at this point “Bingo perfume-free liquid detergent” it will be helpful. Bingo Perfume-free liquid detergent does not contain perfume and paint. It also penetrates easily to the laundry thanks to its liquid form. Thus, it does not leave any residue on the clothes, your beloved ones with a delicate body take a comfortable breath.


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