Extreme interest in babies and children!

Extreme interest in babies and children!

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Every parent who has a baby is concerned that his child will be spoiled. As your little baby grows, so does his temper. Especially when they reach the age of two, it becomes very difficult to speak to them. Your child may have fits of anger at a time when you do not expect them, and may engage in conflict with parents on issues such as clothing, food, and sleep. However, it is wrong to describe such negative behaviors as spoiled.

There are differences between behaviors exhibited by age and spoiled behaviors. Anger attacks of a two-year-old child indicate that he is now taking steps towards becoming an individual. He now wants to be independent. In such cases, the attitude of the parents is important. According to experts, the distinction between child care and pampering needs to be understood. All children like the attention of parents. However, when this interest reaches extreme dimensions, it can be harmful to the child. Parents should not act overly protective and preventive against the child. The child's self-esteem should be developed and helped to act independently. The child should learn to play with himself or with friends. Excessive attention at every turn may turn him into a spoiled child.

Children try their parents at every opportunity. For example, you should be decisive towards your child who is in a crying crisis because you do not buy a toy that he wants very much. If you turn your decision and do what you want, the child who believes that he will turn you back from your decisions spoils and starts to repeat this behavior. Children derive meaning from their parents' behavior and use it very well. Therefore, it should never compromise the rules. If parents behave consistently and decisively without feeling guilty, everything is fine. Experts advise parents to set certain limits against the spoiled child's behavior.

It is not easy to set and enforce rules and to stick to them. You can apply the rules you value most. It is important that parents agree on these rules. The child's caretaker and grandmothers must also comply with these decisions.

When the child goes out of the house, for example, in the kindergarten, he / she should learn to be a sharing and part of the group. Excessive interest can create a sense of 'I am the center of the world' in the child.

Parents should not be protective. The frustration of the child should not scare the parents. Break or failure makes him humane and caring.

The wishes of the children are unlimited. However, taking every wish can create dissatisfaction.

Instead of being stubborn with it, a calm and determined approach to events can be the solution. Parents should behave softly, patiently and consistently.

Parents should not just think that their children are spoiled. This is a problem that most parents experience. Problems are solved when a love-based and tolerant relationship is established. What should not be forgotten is to love the child with interest.


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